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“It starts with a message on a note card to encourage you to continue,
be that in jest, in love, in solitude, or in friendship.”

BeKnown is a card company, specializing in card designs to give to anyone. The founder, Tara, has loved cards for years. She has written and saved them since she was a child. She has always found joy in connecting people, telling stories, and simply loves words. One day, she meets a woman at a dinner party by the name of Nancy Fernandes. They instantly clicked, over a few glasses of wine, where they shared their work experiences and talked about their dreams. Tara explained that her passion was to create greeting cards: to help people feel connected and tell stories. Nancy was enthused and encouraged Tara to show her some of her ideas. Nancy loved them, and pushed Tara to follow her heart. They have been friends ever since.

    Tara’s main inspiration comes from her beloved family and friends, particularly Nancy Fernandes, Eliane Monteiro Saint, and Markus Sebastiano. Her family and friends have always encouraged her to be her unique and authentic self. The encouragement throughout the years has made her feel comfortable enough to follow her dreams. Her greeting cards are designed to have a more minimal approach, focusing on the typography and a single color used for the envelope and message. The colors used are mainly very warm and inviting and both the visual and tactile texture of the card itself is nostalgic and timeless. Her minimal approach relies on a predominantly empty card, using the negative space to emphasize the colored message. Her words are a hug and kiss and will rejuvenate your loved ones’ drives. These greeting cards make for an exceptionally sentimental, simple gift on its own, or complimentary to any kind of present.

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