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Andrew Bablo (Steez Design)

Erica Hagler, who goes by the nickname of “Blind Fox” is a Boston-based artist. She was born in Seattle, Washington, where she inadvertently was about to embark on her future career. In high school, she began to draw. Before others noticed it was just for fun, but then she started enlisting in many art competitions that consumed her life, not allowing her to be a kid or even grow under her own merit. She eventually got sick of it, and stopped the competitions. After high school, she ended up moving to New York where she managed night clubs and restaurants. She continued to draw on her own, until one day when her now-husband gave her the push that she needed to get back into art more and build a career of her own.

Hagler decided to quit her job, and then move to Boston, MA with her husband. Here, she began to embark on her own journey under her own terms, quickly becoming popular in the Boston art scene. Her work includes fine art, murals, installations, embellishments, and even selling prints as well. She is recognized for her public pieces and large-scale works, creating murals, installations, etc. for many companies in the Boston area. According to Timeout, ‘Hagler describes her style as a blend of street art and pop art; she's inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, comic books and graffiti.’ Her colorful works add life, dimension and pleasure to a wide array of spaces. She enjoys incorporating art into everyday life and architecture, and wishes Boston had more street art. Instead, she finds work-arounds, and uses her work to design workspaces, promote small businesses, and give life to a city full of potential.

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