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Jake Ginga "Maker Jake"

Jake Ginga, who masked his identity under the pseudonym “Maker Jake.” Is a visual art educator and a Massachusetts-based artist. Jake was born into a Native American family in Massachusetts, where his family was respected and involved in their community. He is a teacher in Weston, MA, where he teaches 4th and 5th graders visual art. His teaching job led him to creating the artist identity as “Maker Jake,” so that his students couldn’t find his social media accounts. It went on to become his brand.

His family heritage and American upbringing go on to help frame his work. He has gained popularity on social media, was the recipient of the Massachusetts Art Education Association (MAEA) New Art Educator of the Year Award for 2018, and later was elected president of the organization. Ginga’s work is colorful, bold and dynamic; you can see the duality between his American upbringing and Native American heritage. It clearly has heavily influenced his work, as he often incorporates common Native American iconography (i.e. - patterns, animal motifs), with possibly some influence from Cubism and street art as well. You can feel the passion he has for his creations being echoed by the bold lines and intense color palettes. I can tell his one-of-a-kind works will be not only inspirational for contemporary Native American artists, but the future artists of today.

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