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Andrew Houle

Andrew Bablo: An artist, entrepreneur, a jack-of-all-trades; if you name it, he has probably done it. Bablo is a New England-based artist and an alumni of Montserrat College of Art, located in Beverly, Massachusetts. At Montserrat, he studied Graphic Design and received his bachelor’s degree in 2007. Staying local, he ventured off into the branded and licensed apparel industry. He has worked with national major league sports teams and created apparel for Old Time Sports (‘47 Brand) and Reebok. Bablo eventually went on to become Editor-in-Chief of his own publications (partnering with athletes, artists, etc.) called “Steez Magazine.” Founded in 2006 and operating for nine years, he grew the publications and was recognized all over the United States, and even in Canada.


Andrew Bablos, after working in the licensed apparel and publications fields, turned his sight on something bigger. Bablo started his own design agency, known as “Steez Design,” in 2015. He considers himself not just an artist, but a hands-on, multidisciplinary designer. He has worked on projects of all scales and mediums, from murals, to package design, and even furniture-restoration. His industrial approach to design, with vibrant colors and vivacious typography leave whomever basks in his works’ presence yearning for more. Bablos’ familial love of New England aids in his design, creating an evocative and nostalgic experience for all of us, with contemporary flair. He has created a marvelous visual vocabulary for himself and the Massachusetts North Shore, now all we have to do is sit back and see what he creates next.

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