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Mae Chevrette

Mae Chevrette: a full-time artist working in Boston, MA. Not only is she an artist, but she is a traveller, blogger, sailor, wife and a mom of three (two young children and a cat). She was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She was surrounded by the Northwestern coast and fell in-love with it, which instilled her love for adventure and the outdoors, later becoming her main source of inspiration for her work. In her blogs, she talks about her everyday life and her work. She is a family-oriented person and has a beautiful attachment to animals and nature.


She considers herself a mixed-media artist, utilizing her own photography that was taken throughout her travels. Then, using paint, typography, stationery, historical documents, etc. she utilizes an experimental-collage process. Her layered works are incredibly unique and she is always trying to push the boundaries and discover new things. Clearly, her personal explorations and artistic process are intertwined. Her works are loving, sentimental and inspirational for anyone who may want to start traveling. Mae’s authentic mixed-media process is liberating, which echoes her works’ depictions of seascapes and other natural scenes. As she puts it, she is ‘celebrating raw, open, expansive lands…’ Her work has been featured in many commercial institutions (e.g. - Madison Square Garden, Boston Harbor Hotel) and even featured in O, The Oprah Magazine. Regardless of the location of her work, she will continue to be an inspirational figure we all could use.

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