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Patrick Pollard is an artist from Plum Island, MA. 

     “I make paintings and drawings. Visually, they are always figurative in nature, we usually refer to them as “my people”, or “my characters”. I’m fascinated by the visual artifacts and evidence of culture. Tools, costumes, rituals, and objects that appear to serve a cultural purpose. These figures have a history, a collective identity.


With this group of paintings, I wanted to indulge in a healthy dose of nostalgia. As an artist, my first love was the classic graffiti b-boy character. The big eyes, huge feet, exaggerated postures, the attitude. I don’t remember when I saw my first b-boy character- it was probably in the graf magazine section on a trip to Tower Records with my dad - but I was captivated. 


Now as an adult, I wanted to combine this aesthetic with the imagery of life at the beach. Coastal communities are always known for their interesting inhabitants. The beach bums. The heavy locals. The sun worshippers. 

I wanted to take the b-boys to the beach.”

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