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CURRENT EXHIBITION | Opening Reception 08/04/2023


From August 4 - October 1, Blochaus Art Gallery is showcasing the first iteration of a project idea that’s been ruminating in my mind for over 3 years. This new body of work is specifically tied to the Newburyport landscape where I dragged large pieces of canvas to three different locations and created a painting on site. Each piece was made abutting a body of water and wedged onto different surfaces, leaving unique marks that speak directly to the locations. Adam Mikaelian and I filmed and directed two short videos guiding the viewer into the intimate process that brings each painting to life. The exhibit will showcase these paintings through video, draped three-dimensionally, stretched and reworked, or put into new and exclusive print images. There’s something for everyone to see. I can’t wait to share these new works with you!


BLOCHAUS has exhibited, curated, and featured works by the following artists.

Adam O’Day

Andrew Houle

Andy Bablo (Steez Design)

Ben Stebbings

Bob Packert / red raven

Bryan Grose

Cafe Berlin

Dana Wolfe

Danielle Coenen

Dante Latessa

Felipe Ortiz

Indie 184

Jeffrey Erler

John McCarthy


Karen Jerzyk

Landry McMeans

Lee Gordon

Mae Chevrette

Maker Jake

Marka 27

Markus Sebastiano

Morgan Dyer

Morgan Howell

Norma E Lopez

Olli Brix

Patrick Pollard

Percy Fortini Wright


Scott Newton

Shane Taylor

Shepard Fairey




Wire By Ryan 

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